Sunday, 7 February 2016

Valentine Appleton dress with a cherry on top!

I didn't realize until I was cutting out that there are tiny hearts (green and red) on some of the cherries - you can just about see them on this picture.  It will be perfect to wear on valentines day!

I went for a contrast neck band and waist ties - it does accentuate my 'curves' somewhat and I'm still deciding weather this is a good thing or not!

Unfortunately I sewed on the neckband on Saturday evening and obviously wasn't paying attention - I got my left and right mixed up and managed to sew the neckband on the wrong way! I thought  might get away with it but it does gape a little so I think I will have to unpick it. I just hope that it hasn't stretched too much as I am out of the plain navy fabric!

My youngest thought trying to photo bomb the pictures after I pressed the remote was the best fun ever - So I didn't have many photos without him (or part of him) in them!

My next project will be the Roberts collection dungarees - this is a bit experimental as I am not sure it will suit me but I have seen so many lovely versions in the interweb I just have to give it a go!

I have bought this gorgeous black denim with a red underside - perfect for turn-ups!!

This will be a slow make for me as I haven't made anything like this before, I also have a busy few weeks coming up so not much sewing time.

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Su xx

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Summery Appleton in winter!


I have no idea why I am striking such an odd pose!! 

I made Cashmerette's Appleton wrap dress. This is my practice version out of some rather lovely viscose (I got it on sale for £3.99/m). As the viscose was so fine it didn't lend its self to a winter garment very well, so despite the season I decided it would have to be a summer dress.

I have never made a wrap dress before and I thought it might be a tricky sew especially as the viscose was a bit slinky, as it turns out the instructions were fantastic and it all came together much quicker than I thought it would. I was especially dubious about the fit as I measured up a size 14 c/d cup - I haven't been a c/d cup since my teenage years! But it fits perfectly, normally I would't wear something so low cut but it feels fine and I don't feel self conscious in it at all. I am not sure how safe I would feel to wear it without tights or leggings - I think things could get personal if it were a windy day!

For my 'proper' version I plan to make a 3/4 length sleeve appleton out of this gorgeous cotton jersey I got from Ditto fabrics (another sale buy!).

After seeing some cute ribbon on So Zo what do you know's instagram feed from the Textile Garden I just had to go and have a look - loads of cute ribbons, lace trims, amazing assortment of buttons and so much more! I treated myself to some ribbon (for labels) and some wooden heart buttons (hopefully for a darling ranges dress).

Well that's about it for now - I hope everyone has a great week!

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Su xx

Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Ballard top

 I have been in dire need of tops - since my overlocker is no longer working I ruled out any woven tops. I like longer length tops so the Ballard top from straight stitch designs was perfect! It has several back variations which I love but I just needed something simple for work so I opted for the boring closed back version. Construction was simple and the instructions were excellent. The fabric is from Girl Charlee in one of their sales last year - I only bought a meter, I think the blue breaks up the pattern and I really like the combination.

I wanted a loose fitting top so went for a larger size - the shoulders are a little to big but perhaps a few washes will fix that!!

I have finally got the hang of my camera remote and managed to set it for a two second delay so that I could hide my hand with the remote. Again I had great fun taking the photos!!

This top will be perfect for work - I can see a few more in my future!!

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S xx

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Esme top OR I have a lot to learn about photography!

  Many years ago I took photography for one of my GCSE's. Now this was in the olden days and as well as taking oodles of photographs I spent many hours in a dark room with various noxious chemicals - I was hooked from the start and have always loved taking photos. Little did I think then that we would have instant access to our photographs and a whole new world of social media built around this instant photography.  A couple of years ago we sold our digital SLR and replaced it with a lighter, smaller digital camera thinking that this would be easier to carry around with us.   I instantly missed the old SLR and no matter how hard I tried the new camera just wasn't the same. Last week we found a second hand SLR via an online add, I dug out a tripod from the depths of a cupboard and ordered a remote for the camera - I totally loved setting it all up and taking photos - I felt like David Bailey and it was great being able to take as many photos as I wanted with out having to cajole/ bribe a little person to do it! I just wish I had read the instructions for the remote and set it for a 2s delay rather than taking the photo as soon as I pressed the remote button. 

  I decided to make the top version of the Esme tunic (Lotta Jansdotter, Everyday style) out of  a gorgeous Hemmingway designed fabric that I bought in the sales. My overlocker broke as I was halfway through finishing the last seam which was unbelievably inconvenient especially as I had some denim projects that reqired the overlocker planned - Oh well I will have to think of something else to make!!

The sitting down thing didn't really work out!

I have so much to learn about taking good photos (which these clearly are not!!!!)

I should have cut out a larger size but am determined to loose weight so stuck with the same size which does mean it is a little snug over the bust and arms.

Hopefully the next lot of photos with be an improvement. Back to school and work tomorrow - I am really not looking forward to setting the alarm  for an early morning wake up!!

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Su xx

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year - New Scarf!!

Happy 2016 everyone!!!!!!!!

Sewingwise 2015 has been a pretty good year - I have learnt a lot and I think grown my skills as well as made a few garments that I wear often which signals success in my book!!

I was in need of a quick and simple crochet pattern to join me on an afternoon of rest and TV watching! I chose this free pattern. I used some chunky wool I had. I didn't have a 9mm hook as the pattern suggested but used a 10mm instead. It is a quick and really easy pattern - just what I wanted!

I think it will keep me nice and warm if we ever get any cold weather down here!

I hope that everyone's 2016 is filled with soft yarn, full bobbins, great sewing and more importantly love and laughter!!

Su xx

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Bunny needs a new body!!

  I knew the moment was coming and had been dreading its arrival - my daughters beloved Mrs Bunny has been much loved (and washed) and despite many many mending's was now more hole than bunny - Bunny needed a new body and I was the only person who could fix her........

  As soon as we realized all those years ago that Mrs Bunny was my daughters favorite toy we set about finding more of them - exactly the same make and design so that when the day came she would be easily replaceable - however none of the other 'Auntie Bunny's' or 'Sister Bunny's' had 'the right ears'. So I summoned up all my courage and surgical skills, removed her head, arms, legs, stuffing, rattle, and beanbag........

(for the record she really has been washed many times but still had that grubby brownness that favorite toys seem to develop!).

  My daughter had chosen an old t-shirt of hers that she thought would make a suitable replacement body. I carefully cut around each fragile body piece to make the new pieces and set about hand stitching her head/and limbs back onto the new body pieces, I had to attach the bottom beanbag to the base piece, re stuff her (with frequent test hugs from my daughter to find the correct stuffing level), replace her rattle and then sew her up - this all sounds much easier than it was - this is probably one of the more trickier things I have sewn!

  The look on my daughters face as I gave the newly mended bunny back was totally priceless and was worth the work it took 1 million times over! I'm not sure that my handiwork will last another 8.5 years but will do for now!

  Have you ever had to mend any much loved toys - was it successful?

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                 Su xx

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas gift - pop-over poncho

I was delighted when a few months ago my mum asked if I could make her a poncho/cape for Christmas!

  I found this lovely Italian wool from Ditto Fabrics and as I had already made the pop over poncho I knew it would be a good pattern to use again.

I think my mum looks great in it!

  I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!

       Thanks for stopping by

             Su xx